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Kamen Rider Saber Super Complete Collection Announced


Kamen Rider Saber Super Complete Collection Announced

Televi-kun has listed details regarding the upcoming Kamen Rider Saber Box Set, which will ship mid-April 2022.

The Kamen Rider Saber Super Complete Collection: Ten-Volume Attack box set is now available for pre-order, and will release in April 2022.

The box set includes the ‘Kamen Rider Saber Super Complete Works Separate Volume’, which is a version of the Complete Works book that has extra content inside and a different cover. The book is 36 pages, including the cover.

The other books in the box set are:

  • A pop-up picture book, ‘WONDER STORY’
  • Shindai siblings photobook (AB size, 68 pages including cover)
  • Touma Kamiyama fashion style book (AB size, 36 pages including cover)
  • ‘Swashbuckler’, a Sword of Logos action photobook (AB size) (Scheduled to have 68 pages including the cover)
  • SwordXMan comics
  • A story-telling picture book, ‘Let’s read the story of Wonder Ride Books’
  • Kamen Rider 50th anniversary photobook, ‘Kamen Rider Battle Soul’ (AB size, 164 pages including cover)

Also in the box set are are a DX Book Gate Wonder Ride Book, and a poster of all riders and all forms.

The box set is available to pre-order through Televi-kun. The box set costs 18,900 yen, with a shipping fee of 900 yen. Pre-orders will close once stock runs out. The box set will ship in April 2022.

Source: Televi-Kun

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