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ULTRAMAN FigZero Ultraman Suit Zero Figure Announced


ULTRAMAN FigZero Ultraman Suit Zero Figure Announced

From the “Ultraman Suit Another Universe” project comes the Ultraman SUIT ZERO figure in 1/6th scale.

From toymaker “threezero” comes Ultraman Suit Zero in a 1/6th scale figure form. The Ultraman Suit Zero design is originally from the “Ultraman Suit Another Universe” project, which is set in a different continuity from the ULTRAMAN manga. The design has been seen in both in a photo novel series, as well as the mobile game ULTRAMAN: BE ULTRA. 

FigZero 1/6 ULTRAMAN SUIT ZERO measures a 31.5cm (12.4”) tall at 1/6th scale and is fully articulated with 44 points of articulations. Parts of this figure is constructed using die-cast as well as other metal parts. The eyes and color timer on its chest include LED light-up functions. 

Accessories include a set of weapons that can transform into a variety of different forms. This consists of 3 blades and a “ZERO Defender” force shield generator. The pair of blades in each hand is known as “ZERO Slugger Hawk.” “ZERO Twin-Hawk Offence Form” connects two blades through an adapter piece. By adding the ZERO Defender to “ZERO Twin-Hawk Offence Form”, it then becomes “ZERO Twin-Hawk Defense Form.” The figure also includes various interchangeable hands including; 1 pair of fists, 1 pair of posed hands, 1 pair for a knifehand strike pose, 1 pair for holding weapons and 1 left hand in a V sign for Zero’s iconic pose.

The ULTRAMAN FigZero Ultraman Suit Zero figure will retail for $149 USD and is scheduled for shipment in second quarter 2022. The figure is currently available for preorder on threezero’s website. 

Source: threezero

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