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Fuuto PI Anime Staff and New Images Revealed


Fuuto PI Anime Staff and New Images Revealed

In celebration of Kamen Rider W‘s premiere date, staff for the FUUTO PI anime adaptation and two new images were revealed on September 6.

On September 6, in celebration of Kamen Rider W‘s twelfth anniversary, two new images promoting the upcoming Fuuto PI anime, scheduled to begin in Summer 2022, were revealed. The first image features the main cast outside of the Narumi Detective Agency. Akiko Narumi is with her husband, Ryu Terui / Kamen Rider Accel, and while Philip runs towards the motorcycle Hardboilder. Atop the Hardboilder is detective Shotaro Hidari and Tokime, a mysterious woman and an original character in Fuuto PI. The second image was drawn to evoke a more relaxed atmosphere with Shotaro, Philip, Akiko, and Tokime spending time inside of the agency.

Following the reveal in August of Studio KAI being in charge of the anime’s production, the main staff for the anime has also been revealed. The anime will be directed by Yosuke Kabashima, who has been in charge of character design of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, one of Studio KAI’s notable anime productions. Riku Sanjo, writer for Kamen Rider W and the Fuuto PI manga, will also be in charge of writing for the anime adaptation. Composing the music are Kotaro Nakagawa and Shuhei Naruse, both who previously composed music for Kamen RIder W.

With regards to directing the anime, Director Kabashima had this to say:

“If Fuuto PI was to be adapted as an anime, I wanted to be the director no matter what. Strong feelings burst forth when I heard that Kamen Rider W would continue as the manga Fuuto PI, and I prayed for this day to come.

Throughout my life, it was the Kamen Rider series that saved me whenever I was caught in a dilemna. That’s why I want to return the favor however I can. I am very fortunate to receive such an opportunity here. Because of my love and feelings towards the work, I want to use everything I have to make this the best it can be.

I plan to recreate the atmosphere of Kamen Rider W in this production. Please look forward to it!”

Discussion at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival

NOTE: Video may be unavailable to viewers in certain regions.

In June, Scriptwriter Riku Sanjo and Producer Hideaki Tsukada spoke at the Annecy International Anime Film Festival in France regarding the anime adaptation of Fuuto PI. They discussed various topics ranging from the charm of Kamen Rider W continuing through manga and anime to how Fuuto PI started as a manga. Please enjoy as they discuss unknown aspects of production and the passion creators put into their work!

Fuuto PI is the manga sequel to 2009-2010’s Kamen Rider W series, continuing the adventures of detective protagonists Shotaro Hidari and Philip as they protect the city of Fuuto as Kamen Rider W. The manga is currently being serialized in Weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine. The anime will begin in summer 2022 and will be available in North America on Funimation’s streaming platform.


  • Director: Yosuke Kabashima
  • Assistant Director: Ayataka Tanemura
  • Series Composition: Tatsuto Higuchi
  • Scriptwriter: Riku Sanjo
  • General Animation Directors: Hidekazu Ebina, Sei Komatsubara
  • Character Design: Hidekazu Ebina
  • Kamen Rider, Dopant Design: Yosuke Kabashima, Rihiro Yamane
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Music Composers: Kotaro Nakagawa, Shuhei Naruse
  • Music Producer: Mayu Iida (avex)
  • General Producer: Hideaki Tsukada
  • Producers: Megumi Naito, Daisuke Furuya
  • Animation Studio: Studio KAI

Source: Kamen Rider WEB

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