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Planet Prince 2021 in Nagoya Event Report


Planet Prince 2021 in Nagoya Event Report

A special event promoting the movie Planet Prince 2021 was held in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture on July 24.


On July 24, a special event promoting Planet Prince 2021, a movie remake of the 1958 Planet Prince TV series, was held at Imaike Gas Hall in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.

The event comprised of three parts, each requiring separate tickets.

Part 1 featured a making-of video focused on Sho Higano’s role as Kosuke Funaki followed by a talk segment with Sho Higano, the lead actress Nana Oda, and director Minoru Kawasaki. After the event was a true-or-false quiz game about the making-of video. Five winners would receive special photos of the actors. A raffle was also held where five random audience members would receive signed copies of the movie’s script.

Part 2 consisted of an exclusive screening of Planet Prince 2021, a shorter talk event, and a photo session allowing the audience to take photos of the guests.

Part 3 featured another making-of video, this time focused on Sho Higano as Planet Prince. Another talk segment followed the video, and a second lottery was held for five more scripts. At the end of the event, audience members were greeted by Director Kawasaki, Nana Oda (dressed as Princess Claudia), and Sho Higano (dressed as Planet Prince) as they left the venue.

During the talk segments, the actors and director shared several memories and behind-the-scenes information regarding the movie. For instance, Planet Prince fights normally using punches and kicks. Director Kawasaki explained that the original work was made very simply as it preceded the debuts of Ultraman and Kamen Rider. Planet Prince also has a distinguishing laugh, a trait that is more commonly seen in villains such as DC Comics‘ Joker or Ultraman‘s Alien Baltan, he also mentioned.

From left to right: Nana Oda, Sho HIgano, Minoru Kawasaki


Planet Prince 2021 will be screened in select theaters starting August 27.

August 27

  • Human Trust Cinema Shibuya (Tokyo)
  • Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa (Tokyo)

September (date unspecified)

  • Cinelibre Umeda (Osaka)
  • Cinema Skhole (Nagoya)


The story takes place two hundred years after a spacecraft crashes in Japan.

Awakened from a deep sleep, Planet Prince, the prince of the fourth planet of the MP5 galaxy, appears in front of Kimiko, the daughter of a bread shop owner, and saves her from a bad situation. Planet Prince is allowed to live in her home while he goes out and has many experiences. His adventures range from interacting with the citizens of Earth, changing places with top idol Kosuke Funaki, and protecting Earth from the invading Tantan aliens! He seems to enjoy his life on Earth except that Planet Prince has no memory of his past and doesn’t know how to return home.

Planet Prince sees instant fame as hero of the people until the Tantan aliens expose Planet Prince as… a destroyer of outer space?! Is Planet Prince truly a villain, or he is an ally of justice? What will become of Earth?


  • Original Work: Senkousha
  • Original Writer: Masaru Igami
  • Director: Minoru Kawasaki
  • Writers: Akihiko Kigawa, Minoru Kawasaki
  • Action Director: Masashi Sasaki
  • Kosuke Funaki, Planet Prince: Sho Higano
  • Kimiko Oomura, Princess Claudia: Nana Oda
  • Tsukasa Wakabayashi
  • Shimako Iwai
  • Akihide Tsuwaza
  • Eiichi Kikuchi
  • Jiro Dan
  • Theme Song: “Planet Prince 2021”, by Takaki Kudou
  • Ending Song: “Disco Amigo”, by NONA REEVES

Sources: Planet Prince 2021 Homepage (1, 2)

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