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Movie Remake of Classic Tokusatsu Planet Prince Announced


Movie Remake of Classic Tokusatsu Planet Prince Announced

A movie remake of Showa-era tokusatsu production Planet Prince has been announced to release in summer/fall 2021.

Produced by Nihon TV in 1958, Planet Prince was the first tokusatsu program in Japan to be about a hero from space, and its script was handled by Masaharu Igami who would later be the scriptwriter for various Kamen Rider series. Planet Prince featured the activities of its hero, Planet Prince, who came to Earth from outer space.

Planet Prince 2021 (tentative) will be a reboot of the original show, intended to revive this legendary hero for the present day. As such, costume designer Kia Asamiya opted for a retro-futuristic design for the hero’s costume when he was given the position.


  • Planet Prince: Sho Higano
  • Kiriko Ohmura (heroine): Nana Oda (former member of Keyakizaka46)
  • Additional cast: Shinzo Hotta, Shimako Iwai, Kon Arimura
  • Director: Minoru Kawasaki
  • Costume Designer: Kia Asamiya (Kamen Rider Fourze‘s Zodiarts designer)

Director/Cast Comments

Director Minoru Kawasaki
Being the director for this reboot, the first of its kind in 1958 to have a hero from space being broadcast on TV, feels like destiny because I was also born in 1958. From Intruders from Another World which strengthened the bonds between people to the start of titles like Little Ghost Q-Taro and Ultraman, I want to incorporate the framework that fascinated my generation when we were boys, to build a hero world that we once longed for while having the utmost respect for the original work. In these difficult times, Planet Prince will brightly shine through! Don’t miss it!

Nana Oda (left) and Sho Higano

Sho Higano
I was very pleased when I heard about this project. I loved heroes when I was a child and went to hero performances on the weekends. On one hand, I’m excited to get to play a hero, but on the other, there’s this huge pressure. Even so, I want to play a Planet Prince that is filled with values from the past and not necessarily a hero of the Reiwa Era. Everyone, please look forward to Planet Prince 2021!

Nana Oda
When I heard that I was cast for the heroine, I was worried at first, but reading the script was so interesting! I really want to challenge myself with this role. However the movie turns out, I’m really looking forward to it!

Planet Prince 2021 is scheduled to premiere in summer/fall 2021.

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