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The Rise of Ultraman Collection on Blu-Ray Releasing This July


The Rise of Ultraman Collection on Blu-Ray Releasing This July

A new Blu-ray set containing 9 episodes of the original Ultraman and a bonus feature from Marvel Comics is set for release this Summer.

The Rise of Ultraman Collection is an upcoming Blu-ray release exclusive to The set will feature 9 select episodes of the original Ultraman series along with a 12-page collectible book and episode guide.

The 5-part Secrets of The Rise of Ultraman included in the set will discuss the connections between the various Ultra Series shows and the storyline of the recent Marvel Comics, The Rise of Ultraman and The Trials of Ultraman. This feature is made in collaboration with Marvel Comics and Starlight Runner Productions.

Episodes included in this set will be remastered in HD with “original broadcast edits” included and will also feature English dubs. The following episodes are included:

Episode 3: Science Patrol, Move Out

Episode 21: Breach The Wall of Smoke

Episode 28: Human Specimens 5 & 6

Episode 29: Challenge to the Underground

Episode 30: Phantom of the Snow Mountains

Episode 31: Who Goes There?

Episode 34: A Gift From the Sky

Episode 35: The Monster Graveyard

Episode 38: Spaceship Rescue Command

The cover (pictured above) will feature art by Arthur Adams which was originally used on The Rise of Ultraman issue #2’s “variant edition” cover.

The Rise of Ultraman Collection will retail exclusively on for $25.99 at full price. At the time of writing, the set is listed at a discounted price of $18.99 and is currently available to pre-order. previously partnered with Tsuburaya Productions to sell The Birth of Ultraman Collection last Summer as part of launching a dedicated Ultraman storefront as announced on Ultraman Galaxy.

The Rise of Ultraman Collection is scheduled to release on July 10th. Pre-orders are available now.


A Game Design and Production graduate of the Class of 2019, Brody is a creative who loves to draw, write, design, and dive deep into entertainment. He enjoys reverse engineering and analyzing the deeper meaning of video games, comics, movies, and of course, tokusatsu.

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