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The Birth of Ultraman Collection Announced


The Birth of Ultraman Collection Announced

Mill Creek Entertainment announces The Birth of Ultraman Collection, featuring a compilation of episodes from the original Ultraman series.

Mill Creek Entertainment has announced a new Ultraman Blu-Ray DVD set. The Birth of Ultraman Collection is a compilation of some of the best episodes from the original Ultraman series. The Blu-Ray will also feature the art created by Alex Ross for the cover of The Rise of Ultraman #1.

The collection will feature episodes from the original Ultraman series in high definition with DTS-HD Master Audio of the Japanese soundtrack. This collection also comes with uncut United Artists English dubs. The episodes will feature two options for English subtitles. One will be for the Japanese audio and the second for the English version of the audio.

Episode 1 – Ultra Operation No. 1

Episode 2 – Shoot the Invader

Episode 19 – Demons Rise Again

Episodes 26 & 27 – The Monster Highness Parts 1 & 2

Episode 33 The Forbidden Words

Episode 37 – A Little Hero

Also featured is the Ultraman Pre-Premiere Special. This stage show aired originally in Japan on July 10th, 1966, one week before the premiere of Ultraman. This show introduced viewers to everything about Ultraman, including its story, characters, and the cast. The Ultraman Pre-Premiere Special is presented in the original broadcasting black and white, with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

The Birth of Ultraman Collection is exclusively being sold through DeepDiscount. Along with other Ultraman merchandise, DeepDiscount will continue to sell  all of Mill Creek Entertainment’s Blu-ray collections they have put out. The Blu-Ray DVD of The Birth of Ultraman will release on July 10th, 2020 and sold for $25.99 USD.

Source: SciFi Japan

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