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Tsuburaya Exhibition 2021 Taking Place in Saga Prefectural Art Museum


Tsuburaya Exhibition 2021 Taking Place in Saga Prefectural Art Museum

Tsuburaya Exhibition 2021, an event focused around the Ultra series, is currently underway at the Saga Prefectural Art Museum.

In March Tsuburaya Exhibition 2021 began, which is spotlighting the 55 years of the Ultra series. The Exhibition comes with events and activities that participants can attend, as well as various pieces of merchandise for purchase.


On April 3rd a meet and greet with Ultraman Z took place. Ultraman Z arrived to the Exhibition on four separate times for 30-minute periods. Participants who attended the meet and greet had the opportunity to take photos with Ultraman Z as well.

On April 4th the Kaiju from Kaiju Step attended the convention for a meet and greet. Like the Ultraman Z meet and greet a Kaiju from the series appeared on four separate occasions for 30-minutes at a time.

On April 29th a special talk show with Takaya Aoyagi was scheduled to take place. However due to the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was cancelled.

In its place is a new event, an Ultraman Z stageshow will take place. This event comes with limited seating and has a pre registration system as well.


Multiple pieces of exclusive merchandise are also available for purchase during this event.

To start off, an Ultraman Tiga figure, designed by Hiroshi Maruyama is available for purchase. This exclusive item has limited availability, and comes with a first come, first serve basis.  The first 30 people to receive this item also received a reference drawing and a mini Shikishi signed by Hiroshi Maruyama.

A Tsuburaya Exhibition 2021 t-shirt and clear folder are also available for purchase during this event

Two Marusan figures are also available during this event. These figures are reproductions of the very first Ultraman figures that were released during the first broadcast of Ultraman in 1966.

Various types of keychains & charms can also be purchased during the Exhibition. The charms are based off of the Ultraman Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, and Agul designs, while the Ultraman Z keychains have seven available, with one surprise one also available.

Other pieces of merchandise include a Ultraman Tiga T-Shirt, a pin and pouch themed off of the TDG 25th Anniversary, a The Rise of Ultraman Figure, the Ultimate Force Zero Side Story Book, and other various vintage looking figures.


Along with these pieces of merchandise, the Exhibition advertises that there is almost 1000 pieces of merchandise that will be available during the Exhibition in an exclusive shop.

Attendants of the event also are given one sticker upon entrance to the Exhibition. The sticker is given out at random and attendants can only receive one from the collection.

Two time exclusive postcards are also available upon arrival to the event. One of them is The Rise of Ultraman (available March 10 – April 10) cover by Alex Ross, and the other is an Ultraseven illustration (available April 11th – April 30th) by Hiroshi Maruyama.

Tsuburaya Exhibition 2021 will continue until May 9th, 2021.

Source: Event Official Website

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