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Godzilla Singular Point Voice Cast Announced

Casting Announcements

Godzilla Singular Point Voice Cast Announced

Various voice acting veterans will be voicing characters in the new Godzilla anime.

It was revealed that Yume Miyamoto and Shoya Ishige would be voicing the two main characters in the anime, Mei Kamino and Yun Arikawa, respectively. Mei Kamino will be a graduate student who is researching “non-existent creatures” while Yun Arikawa is an engineering working in town. The two characters will come together to “challenge the unprecedented threat against humankind.” Yume Miyamoto is a veteran voice actress who has previously voiced Rikka Takarada in SSSS>GRIDMAN, while Shoya Ishige has had roles in BEASTARS and is most well known for his role as Yusaku Fujiki in YU☆GI☆OH VRAINS.

Along with the announcement of the main characters, other voice cast members have been announced, including Misaki Kuno, Wataru Takagi, Rie Kugimiya, Kenichi Suzumura, Ryotaro Okiayu, and Kenta Miyake. The animation will be a combination of hand-drawn animation and CG, and be handled by Studio Bones (My Hero Academia) and Studio Orange (Land of the Lustrous). It will be directed by Atsushi Takahashi (Movie Doraemon: Nobita’s Great Frozen Antarctic Adventure) with award-winner author Toh Enjoh as series composition and screenplay. Kazue Kato of Blue Exorcist fame will be providing character designs for the series.

The currently known voice cast is as follows:

  • Mei Kamino: Yume Miyamoto
  • Yun Arikawa: Shoya Ishige
  • Pero 2: Misaki Kuno
  • Jung: Rie Kugimiya
  • Samurai Kato: Taro Kiuchi
  • Goro Otaki: Wataru Takagi
  • Satomi Kanahara: Ayako Takeuchi
  • Junya Sato: Yohei Azakami
  • Yamamoto Tsunetomo: Jin Urayama
  • Yukie Kugimiya: Kotori Koiwai
  • Takehiro Kai: Kenichi Suzumura
  • Keiei Lee: Natsuho Koda
  • Makita K. Nakagawa: Hiromichi Tezuka
  • Bayler Burn (BB): Ryutaro Okiayu
  • Lina Burn: Onodera Runa
  • Michael Stephen: Kenta Miyamoto
  • Tilda Miller: Masako Isobe
  • Miho Matsubara: Tomoyuki Shimura

In addition the cast has offered commentary on their roles in the upcoming series.

Yume Miyamoto: “I am honored to be involved in a Godzilla work, which is beloved all around the world. I was uneducated as I was never involved with Godzilla during the 1900s, but since I accepted this role I have watched every Godzilla media I could. I immersed myself into it and now it is very dear to me. Looking at Godzilla SP, the number of Godzilla fans that are like me has increased, and it’s very exciting for people who already loves Godzilla! I’m happy to be able to be a part of this! Please look forward to the show!”

Shoya Ishige: “I’m very happy that I can be involved in a new Godzilla work. I am confident that Godzilla SP will be enjoyed by both Godzilla fans as well as those who have never seen Godzilla before. I will play Yun in a way that it will be a work that you can enjoy for a long time as one series, so please look forward to the appearance of monsters and what kind of story it will be!”

Misaki Kuno: “I’m so happy that the day has come when I will be involved with that famous Godzilla! The completed episode was a wonderful and made me forget that it was an anime; it was as if I was watching a live-action film. Since Pero 2 is an AI, there are many challenges in expression such as intelligence and emotional subtleties, but I approached it with all my strength as a challenge. Under such circumstances, it is thanks to the efforts of all the staff that we can enjoy dubbing safely and deliver Godzilla SP to everyone. As a cast member, I am deeply grateful to them. Please immerse yourself in the world of this work! Thank you!”

Rie Kugimiya: “When I was acting I had a very mysterious feeling that was extremely fun but also confusing. Artificial intelligence is amazing! Even if I have to play 100 million people, I’ll play such an existence! I tried my best to keep up with Jung’s specs. I hope everyone enjoys the work!”

Taro Kiuchi: “I am able to get involved in a Godzilla work, which is loved by fans all over the world, and I am pumped up! I did a lot of muscle training for 2 hours before I auditioned for my role. It would be great if you could feel the heat and strength of the character Kato Samurai. Please enjoy the battle with the hottest monsters in the world of Godzilla SP!”

Wataru Takagi: “I am happy to be involved in Godzilla. It’s a completely new TV animation, so I’m excited. [My role] is a very craftsman-like old man who has a “devil may care” attitude, but I enjoyed playing it. and I’m looking forward to seeing what the finished product will be!”

Yohei Azakami: “While feeling the new evolution of Godzilla, there are many irresistible points for Godzilla fans. For me, a big Godzilla lover whose dream as a child was to be an extra actor escaping from Godzilla, I was really excited when I heard the story, but as a member of a cast creating a good work I had to remind myself to calm down first. With that in mind, I played Sato with all my might.”

Kenichi Suzumura: “I’m very happy to be able to perform! As a person who loves tokusatsu, I am impressed just to participate in Godzilla‘s work! When I was shown the setting for the first time, my inner nerd kept saying, “What! Draw that like this!” People who know Godzilla can smile, and those who do not know anything can enjoy it purely as a science fiction work. Please stay tuned!”

Ryotaro Okiayu: “Finally, I am able to get involved with Godzilla! I’m honestly happy. Speaking of Godilla, I play a scientist! A person named BB will play a part in this work. I will be studying the existence of a mystery related to Godzilla, but I can’t give too much away (laughs). Please watch it! My favorite is Jet Jaguar! Would it be revived in the modern age!? Will it be a doll again this time? Alright!”

Godzilla Singular Point will start broadcasting in April 2021 on Tokyo MX, with Netflix handling worldwide distribution.

Source: Mantan-Web

Ashton is a medical professional that makes tokusatsu videos in his spare time, and has an intense love for tokusatsu, gaming, and curry.

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