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Kamen Rider-Inspired Henshin! Tabletop Spin-Off Now Available


Kamen Rider-Inspired Henshin! Tabletop Spin-Off Now Available

A spin-off to the tabletop game “Henshin! A Sentai RPG” inspired by the Kamen Rider series “Rider Konchu” is now available.

Cave of Monster Games, the creators behind Henshin! A Sentai RPG, has released a spin-off to the tabletop RPG. Rider Konchu, the latest extension to Henshin!, takes inspiration from the Kamen Rider series. While this is an extension of the original game, you do not need to have played Henshin! before to play Rider Konchu.

In Rider Konchu, rather than working together as a team, players have the opportunity to play against each other or together to receive gear, all working to reach their final form. This is performed by a series of Turns, in which players can either Add Tokens to a Shared Pool or Take Tokens. Adding Tokens sets up dynamic interpersonal scenes between characters and taking tokens can lead to action scenes.

Six newly created playbooks also come with Rider Konchu, The Rider, The Rival, The Rogue, The Best Friend, The Reporter, and The Hacker. Each playbook is designed to change the game and interact differently with players, which means each game can be played completely differently.

This extension also comes with new features such as collectible gear and a game clock, and more.

Rider Konchu is now available on for $10 USD. The PDF for this comes with all 6 playbooks and instructions on how to play & narrate the game. It also includes a Monster creation table and all Gear Cards. A special bundle is also available, which contains Rider Konchu, Henshin! A Sentai RPG tokens, and the full Henshin! A Sentai RPG game.

Source: Rider Konchu Press Release, DriveThruRPG

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