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Masaki Suda to Appear in 2022 NHK Drama

Casting Announcements

Masaki Suda to Appear in 2022 NHK Drama

Suda has been cast in the 61st NHK Drama titled Kamakura-dono no 13-Nin.

Masaki Suda, who is known for portraying Philip in the 2009 tokusatsu drama Kamen Rider W, has been cast as Minamoto no Yoshitsune in the NHK Drama written by Mitani Koki titled Kamakura-Dono no 13-Nin.

According to Suda, Yoshitsune is known as a  “tragic military commander” but there is still so much to explore with the historical figure.

The drama series will star Shun Ogori as Yoshitoki Hojo, the younger brother of Masako Hojo, who was married to Yoshitsune. The drama will feature a survival entertainment focusing on the thirteen people who served under Yoritomo’s reign. The series will also feature Yo Oizumi, Eiko Koike, Koji Yamamoto, and Ken Matsudaira (known for having portrayed Tokugawa Yoshimune in both Kamen Rider OOO: Wonderful and Abarenbo Shogun).

Source: Mantan, Natalie

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