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Ultraman Orb Coming Soon to TokuSHOUTsu


Ultraman Orb Coming Soon to TokuSHOUTsu

TokuSHOUTsu announced on Twitter that Ultraman Orb will be streaming this November.

Pluto TV’s TokuSHOUTsu streaming channel is setting up an exciting holiday season full of Showa era Ultra Series shows with the recent announcements of Ultra Q airing with English subtitles and UltraSeven joining it in the TokuSHOUTsu lineup, both of which are happening in November.

Now, thanks to a partnership will Mill Creek Entertainment, Ultraman Orb will join the channel’s lineup in November, giving some Heisei era representation with TokuSHOUTsu’s first New Generation series.

Ultraman Orb follows Gai Kurenai who uses his Orb Ring to become Ultraman Orb using the power of two previous Ultras. When Naomi Yumeno, the creator of the paranormal phenomena tracking website “Something Search People,” and her friends encounter a Demon King Beast, Gai jumps in to save them with the power of Ultraman Orb. Soon, the entire group is wrapped up in battles with the Demon King Beasts while the mysterious Juggler operates behind the scenes using a Dark Ring.

Like with prior announcements, no detailed information has been given about what day or time Ultraman Orb will air. More information and future announcements are expected to come from TokuSHOUTsu’s social media accounts as November draws near. TokuSHOUTsu can be found on Pluto TV channel 848 in the Gaming + Anime section.

Source: Twitter

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