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Sponsored Comics Corner: Red Belt Exclusive #9


Sponsored Comics Corner: Red Belt Exclusive #9

Red Belt webcomic creator James Findlay shares part nine of an exclusive episode for Tokusatsu Network viewers.

Red Belt is a tokusatsu webcomic created by James Findlay that publishes regularly with its three heroes in its forefront: Red Tiger, Green Hawk, and Blue Shark. Each have unique powers from Villajns they defeat while coming across many antics during their battles.

The reporter opens her hotel bathroom door to find the large Througher Mole staring her in the face! Sonicer Hare stands over the toilet, her lone blue ugg wet from their travel through the pipes. “Ew” They both pass the reporter, exiting into the hotel hallway. “Come on, let’s go!” exclaimed Mole Hare pointed back towards the hotel room, “Shouldn’t we take care of the loose end” “It’s a random civilian, it’s not like she has a direct line to Tiger!” The reporter in question was currently making a call!

More parts of the exclusive episode are planned for release soon. For more information on the comic, visit the Red Belt website.

Red Belt Exclusive TokuNet Series:

Editor-in-Chief obsessed with karate bugmen, spandex heroes, & giant men of light.

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