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Sponsored Comics Corner: Red Belt Exclusive #3


Sponsored Comics Corner: Red Belt Exclusive #3

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Red Belt webcomic creator James Findlay shares part three of an exclusive episode for Tokusatsu Network viewers.

Red Belt is a tokusatsu webcomic created by James Findlay that publishes regularly with its three heroes in its forefront: Red Tiger, Green Hawk, and Blue Shark. Each have unique powers from Villajns they defeat while coming across many antics during their battles.

Huff! Huff! “Okay!” Sonicer Hare continues her mad sprint, lamenting the progress of her previous combat engagement. “On Second Thought, going after all 1 V 3 was not the best idea!” Her getaway is thwarted as she steps on what appears to be a mine. A weird energy emanates from the small object and traps Hare on the spot, sticking her boot to the ground! “AHA!” Green Hawk appears, pleased with his own cunning! Proclaiming: “FOOL, you’re big fat Foot just christened my new Sticky Trap.” Green Hawk! The most Devious of the three! No trick is too underhanded for this Scoundrel! “You ain’t goin ANY-“ POP! Hare’s foot poops out of her Ugg boot, freeing her! She continues her escape! “NO FAIR!” Yelled Hawk! “You can’t remove your Uggs! Think of your Aesthetic”

More parts of the exclusive episode are planned for release soon. For more information on the comic, visit the Red Belt website.

Red Belt Exclusive TokuNet Series:

Editor-in-Chief obsessed with karate bugmen, spandex heroes, & giant men of light.

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