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Sponsored Comics Corner: Red Belt Exclusive #5


Sponsored Comics Corner: Red Belt Exclusive #5

Red Belt webcomic creator James Findlay shares part five of an exclusive episode for Tokusatsu Network viewers.

Red Belt is a tokusatsu webcomic created by James Findlay that publishes regularly with its three heroes in its forefront: Red Tiger, Green Hawk, and Blue Shark. Each have unique powers from Villajns they defeat while coming across many antics during their battles.

“Hello Mole” A young woman lays upright in her bed, holding her phone in hand, having been recently preoccupied with sleep! “I understand this is a rather... inconvenient hour” The man on the other line speaks calmly but strict. The calculating demeanour of his voice carries to his appearance. His Chimeraman form is that of a bird, donning a dapper suit with an overcoat slung over his shoulders and a ragged fedora to seal the look! This is Mobster Rook, leader of Alchemist! Alchemist, an odd assortment of criminals, each carrying to ability to change into a powerful Chimeraman! A constant festering on the darker side of Neon City, intent on using their powers for criminal intent at the right price! “Unfortunately, Sonicer Hare has elected to confront All Three Heroes at the same time, WHILE Warper Stallion is preoccupied!” The look on her face remains tired and blank as she hears through the phone the worst possible news to hear at 1 A.M. in the morning: “I’m afraid we will required your services for extraction!” In the present time we see an underground sewer, a large Mole Person with almost the proportions of a Sports Mascot walks the concrete walkway. Clad in Plumbers gear, a tool belt holstering a Wrench and Plunger, with a smaller Rabbit Chimeraman rider in her back! This is the auxiliary extraction Chimeraman: Througher Mole! “And-And they all Ganged Up On Me! And they were all Mean! And they made me lose my UGG and-“ Mole does not respond. Mole stays stalwart in here mission, with what little energy she has!

More parts of the exclusive episode are planned for release soon. For more information on the comic, visit the Red Belt website.

Red Belt Exclusive TokuNet Series:

Editor-in-Chief obsessed with karate bugmen, spandex heroes, & giant men of light.

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