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Gamera Actress Mach Fumiake To Appear in Nezura 1964

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Gamera Actress Mach Fumiake To Appear in Nezura 1964

Veteran actress and pro wrestler Mach Fumiake to appear in the Nezura 1964 movie.

Pro wrestler and veteran tokusatsu actress Mach Fumiake is set to appear in the new kaiju film Nezura 1964 this year. Fumiake is known for her portrayal in the 1980 kaiju film Gamera: Super Monster as the super-powered alien Kilara.

Nezura 1964 is an upcoming kaiju film produced by 3Y Co. Ltd and Kadokawa. The movie is based off of a previously unmade film by Daiei Studios that served as a prequel to the Gamera films. The film will be directed by Hiroto Yokokawa, who also co-wrote the movie alongside Kensaku Sakai. Nezura 1964 will star a number of actors and actresses from previous Gamera film installments, such as Yukijiro Hotaru, Himawari Ono, and Yoshiro Uchida.

Nezura 1964 is currently slated for a December 2020 release in Japan.

Source: Sci Fi Japan

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