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SRS Cinema Acquires The Great Buddha Arrival and Nezura 1964


SRS Cinema Acquires The Great Buddha Arrival and Nezura 1964

SRS Cinema has secured the distribution rights to Hiroto Yokokawa’s The Great Buddha Arrival and Nezura 1964.

On June 30th, SciFi Japan reported that SRS Cinema has acquired the rights to two new independent Kaiju films. The first film is 3Y Film’s The Great Buddha Arrival. Directed by Hiroto Yokokawa, it is a remake of a lost 1934 tokusatsu film of the same name. The Great Buddha Arrival boasts a prolific cast of genre veterans that include Akira Takarada (Godzilla), Yukijiro Hotaru (Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, Garo), Akira Kubo (Matango, Invasion of Astro-Monster), Bin Furuya (Ultraman, Ultraseven), Shiro Sano (Godzilla 2000, The Great Yokai War) and more. The second film SRS acquired is Nezura 1964. Also produced by 3Y Film and directed by Mr. Yokokawa, Nezura 1964 is a biopic drama about the unmade Daiei movie that proceeded (and spawned) Gamera. Its cast includes Yukijiro Hotaru, Ippei Osako (Shin Godzilla), Himawari Ono (Gamera: The Brave), Akira Ohashi (Zeiram, Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion), and numerous others.

The Great Buddha Arrival and Nezura 1964 will first be released with limited edition VHS and Blu-rays. A wide-release on DVD will follow some months later. Currently, there are no pre-order dates or listings for either film.

Source: SciFi Japan

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