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Kamen Rider V3, Blade, And Zyuohger Coming To Japan-Exclusive Toei Channel On YouTube


Kamen Rider V3, Blade, And Zyuohger Coming To Japan-Exclusive Toei Channel On YouTube

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Toei’s Japanese exclusive YouTube channel, Toei Channel, will be uploading all of Kamen Rider V3 in addition to Kamen Rider Blade and Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

Toei Channel is an exclusive YouTube channel only for viewers in Japan. Starting June 26th, the first 26 episodes of the Showa Era classic, Kamen Rider V3, will be uploaded with new episodes going up daily. Additionally, Kamen Rider Blade and Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger will also air on Toei Channel.

Kamen Rider V3 is the second ever Kamen Rider series and a sequel to the original 1971 Kamen Rider. The show stars the third Kamen Rider and also features appearances by Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider #2. Kamen Rider V3 episodes will be uploaded daily at 7 PM JST. The first 26 episodes will go up from June 26th to June 28th. The final episodes will go up in daily uploads on Toei Channel from July 10th to July 12th at 7:30 PM JST.

Kamen Rider Blade is about Kazuma Kenzaki who becomes Kamen Rider Blade to fight against the monstrous Undead. When archaeologists uncover the monsters, the Undead begin their new Battle Royal. Kamen Rider Blade will go up on Toei Channel every Monday at 7 PM JST.

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger is the story of four animal people called Zyumans and a human zoologist named Yamato who must fight together against the death game of the space-faring Deathgaliens when the Zyumans are sent from Zyuland to Earth. Each Zyuman can transform into a Zyuohger that uses powers based on the animal they are while Yamato becomes Zyuoh Eagle for reasons steeped in mystery. Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger will have episodes uploaded every Monday to Toei Channel at 5 PM starting June 22nd.

All three shows will only be available for Toei Channel viewers in Japan.

Source: Toei

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