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Takeru Satoh and Keisuke Watanabe Receive Special NYLON Book After Last Successful Issue

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Takeru Satoh and Keisuke Watanabe Receive Special NYLON Book After Last Successful Issue

Two Kamen Rider actors return for a special issue following the wave of positive response from their last collaboration.

After posing together for the May 2020 issue of NYLON magazine, Takeru Satoh (Ryutaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O in Kamen Rider Den-O) and Keisuke Watanabe (Woz/Kamen Rider Woz in Kamen Rider Zi-O) are already back on the cover of a special issue for the magazine brand. Due to the high preorder sales of the issue, NYLON pulled some materials featuring the two actors off the cutting room floor for another special edition in celebration of the achievement.

The special edition issue will be a large volume titled “TAKERU & KEISUKE / NYLON SUPER VOL. 1” and boasts having “SUPER” unused cuts that didn’t make it into the original May issue that was released on March 28. Readers can expect an extra large poster, a large photo card (with five variations), and even a video expressing a NEO Tokyo theme.

Fans can expect the 60 page special issue to release on April 28, with the price being set to 2,970 (including tax). It will be available for purchase on Amazon, Asmart, and various other Japanese booksellers.

Source: Nylon

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