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Tokusatsu Alumni at Team Handsome! Pop Up Store

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Tokusatsu Alumni at Team Handsome! Pop Up Store

Tokusatsu alumni appear for the opening of Team Handsome’s pop up store on February 10.

On February 10, Team Handsome! members Keisuke Watanabe (Woz, Kamen Rider Zi-O), Yuta Koseki, Taisuke Niihara, Katsumi Hyodo (Canalo, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger), and Taiyu Fujiwara at the SHIBUYA 109 Shibuya location for the opening of the limited-time “Team Handsome!” pop up store on February 10. In addition to celebrating the opening of the store, some of the members shared Valentine’s Day anecdotes in relation to the original chocolates the shop is selling.

“I was restless when class ended, I was restless when my club activities finished, and in the end, only one upperclassman from the boys’ basketball team gave me chocolate,” Watanabe recalled. “I’m sure you wanted to hear about how popular I was, so I’m sorry the ending to this story is so disappointing.” As the audience laughed, the other members joked, “Is this an apology conference now?”

Hyodo spoke up next, telling a story from his junior high school days. “On Valentine’s Day, I got chocolate from the person I liked, but I didn’t eat it yet. I took it to a nearby park on my way home where I finally ate it. This is my heartthrob story. Oh, this is so embarrassing!” Hyodo cried out, blushing in response to the audience’s reaction.

While passing out chocolates to the fans, Niihara talked about ways to convey your feelings. “If you’re shy or you can’t do something fancy, you can try slipping chocolate into their pocket,” he suggested. “Or if confessing out loud is embarrassing, try writing something.”

“Being able to convey your feelings really feels like Valentine’s Day, huh?” Watanabe chimes in.

“I think you had a nice Valentine’s Day experience. You only got something from a boy from the basketball club!” Koseki teased.

For his final comment, Koseki says, “I’m so happy we got a chance to a poster printed for the shop, like ‘bam!’, for the first time. Since I was a kid, I often went to NHK, and now, in the middle of Shibuya, I can’t believe my face is in SHIBUYA 109.”

The “Team Handsome!” pop-up stores in both the Shibuya and Abeno SHIBUYA 109 locations will be open until February 23. Original chocolate, stickers, masks, and more will be for sale (as long as supplies last).

Team Handsome! is a music group composed of young talents under the record label Amuse, including some tokusatsu alumni such as Shouma Kai (Parad, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid) and Takuya Mizuguchi (Shibuya Hachioji, Kamen Rider Ghost).

Source: Mantan

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