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Summary of SG Zero-One Riser 05


Summary of SG Zero-One Riser 05

Bandai’s candy toy blog series for Kamen Rider Zero-One reveals the final figure of SO-DO Zero-One: AI 01, and the beginning of coverage for SO-DO Gaiden Zi-O: ANOTHER 2. 

The man currently in charge of candy toy development goes by Mr. G. He will be heading SG Zero-One Riser, a blog segment covering everything relevant to Kamen Rider Zero-One in the candy toy department of Bandai. Apart from being a word relevant to the show, the word “Riser” was chosen because Mr. G wishes for your excitement to rise whenever the blog updates.

The first reveal here is Zero-One in his Flying Falcon form. Like before, there is an emphasis on how much paint is being used. Even without stickers, it’s still got much of the colors. Funny thing, at this point I realize that SO-DO Zero-One looks like the RKF line when it lacks stickers.

Included with the form is the Attache Calibur in its briefcase mode! Like the sword mode, it has detailing on both sides.

Pictures of Flying Falcon in action – and some fun with the swappable parts.

With that, the first wave is complete – the contents include Zero-One in Rising Hopper, Flying Falcon, Biting Shark, and Vulcan in Shooting Wolf. SO-DO Kamen Rider Zero-One: AI 01 will be released on October 28th. As per the promise in previous blog posts, the Complete Set box will come with three Zero-One bodies to display all three of his forms.

Next up, we return to the world of Kamen Rider Zi-O with SO-DO Gaiden Kamen Rider Zi-O: ANOTHER 2. This is the second wave of Another Riders from that series. The first reveal is of Another Den-O, who was shown in previous blog posts very briefly.

With the start of this ANOTHER 2 coverage, Mr. G reminds us of the bullet points for the Another Riders:

  1. The Another Riders have an aesthetic different from the norm, represented here.
  2. The design is easier to replicate by using soft PVC, rather than the usual hard ABS.
  3. PVC doesn’t play well with stickers, so the heads are fully painted.
  4. PVC is also gonna be used for safety reasons since there’s more spiky bits, such as Another Den-O’s eyepieces.

Of note, the bands dangling from the torso are also made of PVC, making them more flexible. This also allows them to make it much thinner than something made of hard plastic, giving it a more clothe-like appearance. This was done because a hard plastic piece this thin would break, causing a safety hazard.

Also, the four swords on Another Den-O’s skirt piece are removable.

Something of note for this release is the date printed on the sticker. Another Den-O first appeared in the 2018 winter movie, displaying the year 2007, the year of Kamen Rider Den-O. However, when Another Den-O appears in the show, he sports the year 2019, the same as the rest of the Another Riders who appeared around this time. They provide you with both dates.

Furthermore, we’re told that the rest of the Another Riders have two sticker options, which raised questions with me. As it turns out, every Another Rider summoned by Another Zi-O II had a 2019 date, even those we’d seen before from the first wave. This raises the question of what they might do for those figures, if anything.

Another Den-O in action! Featuring a placeholder for OOO since that wave hasn’t been released yet.

That’s all for this one! Next time, coverage of SO-DO Zero-One: AI 02 begins!

Source: Bandai Candy Staff Blog

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