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Amazon Shopping Guide: GARO


Amazon Shopping Guide: GARO

Did you know that Amazon carries tokusatsu merchandise, including GARO video releases? Check out our recommendations for the best of what’s available on Amazon.

Searching GARO in Amazon’s Movies & TV section brings up quite a few items! This is because the series was licensed for North American release by Kraken Releasing and Funimation, with the first two seasons available through HIDIVE. Some GARO figurines are available on Amazon as well.

Remember that Amazon has third-party sellers – always look at the “Ships from and sold by” line on the product page to see if the item is coming from Amazon or from a seller. Checking the “Amazon Prime” box will narrow your search to only Prime-shipped items, which will weed out the third party sellers. Don’t have Prime? Get a free 30-day trial and try it out!

Here are a few recommendations of great GARO media that you can order on Amazon right now!

S.H. Figuarts Ougonkishi Garo: Saejima Kouga ($91.53)

The S.H. Figuarts Ougonkishi Garo line celebrated the 10th anniversary of GARO and the Saejima Kouga version was created by artists Takeya Takayuki and Fujioka Yukio. It’s a must-have for fans as the armor details outshine all others in the line. The set includes interchangeable hands, sword, scabbard, and cape parts.

S.I.C. Ultimate Ougonkishi Garo ($51.54)

S.I.C. Ultimate Ougonkishi Garo provides a highly-detailed figurine at 12cm with a lower price than the previous line. Created by sculptor Yukio Fujioka, the set includes the sword and cape as detachable.

Garo TV Collection 1 ($24.99) / Garo TV Collection 2 ($24.99)

Officially licensed by Kraken Releasing, these collections feature the entire first season of GARO with English subtitles.The first collection contains episodes 1-13 while the second collection contains episodes 14-25.

Garo: Makai Senki Collection 1 ($24.99) / Garo: Makai Senki Collection 2 ($24.99)

GARO: Makai Senki continues the story from season one with new enemies to face. Collection one contains episodes 1-3 and the collection two contains episodes 14-25. Each episode features English subtitles as well.

Garo: Red Requiem ($16.05)

GARO: Red Requiem is the first movie spin-off from the series which introduces the Makai Priestess, Rekka, who works with Kouga to destroy the Horror villian, Karma. The movie includes English subtitles.

Garo: Kiba ($11.99)

GARO: Kiba focuses on the Kiba Makai armor and its wielder, Barago. Set around the 23rd episode of the first season, the movie features the backstory of Barago and how he came to wield the armor. The movie includes English subtitles.

Garo Special: Beast Of The Demon Night ($13.29)

Garo: Special Beast of the Demon Night is two-episode special that sets the story for Red Requiem. In the movie, Kouga comes to learn that Makai Priestess Jabi isn’t dead like he thought as he must save her from the Makai Tree before time runs out. The movie includes English subtitles.

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