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Garo: Gekko no Tabibito Teaser Trailer Revealed


Garo: Gekko no Tabibito Teaser Trailer Revealed

Protagonist Raiga

A new teaser trailer was revealed for the upcoming Garo movie, Garo: Gekko no Tabibito (Moonbow Traveler).

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The teaser trailer shows the cast of Garo: Makai Flower facing against a new threat. A man in a white mask appears during the night of a full moon to attack Raiga and Mayuri. The masked man takes Mayuri and Raiga follows them on a mysterious train to save her.

garo suit

The movie sees the return of Masei Nakayama as Raiga Saejima, Natsumi Ishibashi as Mayuri, and Atom Mizuishi as Crow. Joining them is the masked figure played by Satoshi Matsuda (Kamen Rider Knight in Kamen Rider Ryuki). First images were released in March and each cast member expressed their joy to be returning in the film. In addition, the ending theme was revealed as “Raiga – Moonbow Traveler” produced by JAM Project who has done several songs in the Garo franchise.

Garo: Gekko no Tabibito releases in Japan on October 4, 2019.

Source: Press Release

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