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‘Secret X Warrior Phantomirage!’ Reveals “Heroic Phantom Thief” Heroines


‘Secret X Warrior Phantomirage!’ Reveals “Heroic Phantom Thief” Heroines

Main cast won roles via the LDH Presents THE GIRLS AUDITION held in 2018.

Girls x Secret Phantomirage! is the third entry into the Girls X Warriors series of tokusatsu shows aimed at girls. The trademark for the series was revealed back in December.

The series follows heroic phantom thieves in their fight against the Anti Cop villains turn people into Ikenaiya, who the heroes fight to return to their original forms for the sake of peace.

Miike Takashi (K-Tai Sosakan 7), who created the franchise, has served as supervisor on the shows thus far, with Akaitsu! and Yokai Watch writer Yoichi Kato writing the scripts.

The show’s main cast includes Minami Hishida as Cocomi Sakurai/Phantom Heart.

Kira Yamaguchi as Saki Asumi/Phantom Spade.

Toa Harada as Yotsuba Shizuki/Phantom Clover.

Mandy Sekiguchi of the boy band Generations from Exile Tribe will play Fandy, the Phantomirage trio’s boss. Takumi Saitoh, who appeared in the 2013 Kamen Teacher series, will play Cocomi’s father.

Tsubasa Honda will voice Kumachi, the show’s mascot character.

The series will begin on April 7th, one week after the current series, Magic X Warriors Magi Majo Pures! comes to an end.

Source: Mantan Web

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. EggMath

    February 26, 2019 at 11:57 am

    Just wanted to add clarification, since it’s written a bit unclear, that Yoichi Kato has only joined the staff with this season. He’ll be in charge of series composition and contribute in the scripts, but was not previously involved with the franchise. The person who had his role for the first two series was Hisako Fujihara, who’d previously contributed scripts for GARO (specifically Makai Senki and Yami Tera).

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