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Secret X Warrior Phantomirage! Movie, Second Year Announced


Secret X Warrior Phantomirage! Movie, Second Year Announced

The current Girls X Heroine series will see the franchise’s first theatrical release in 2020.

Phantomirage!, the third entry into Takashi Miike’s tokusatsu franchise aimed at girls, will see a theatrical release on May 1st, 2020.

It was also revealed that the series will continue on into a second year, airing beyond April 2020. This will be the first series in the franchise to run longer than one year, a traditional broadcast period for tokusatsu shows.

Miike’s Girls X Heroine franchise features young girls who become warriors, each series featuring a different primary motif. (idols with its first series, magic with its second, and phantom thieves with Phantomirage!)

Miike, who is primarily known for his ultra-violent movies, previously created the 2007 tokusatsu series Keitai Sosakan 7. The director and creator stated his reasoning for creating this franchise was as a means to impart a message not often seen in children’s shows, that a resolution to conflict can be brought about through means other than combat.

Phantomirage! has also seen its share of guest stars, including Shun Oguri, whose role led to a power up item being introduced into the series, which also marked a first for the franchise.

Source: Eiga Natalie

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