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Kaori Manabe Cast in Ultraman R/B

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Kaori Manabe Cast in Ultraman R/B

The actress has taken on the pivotal role of the missing mom in Ultraman R/B.

It was announced earlier that actress Kaori Manabe has been cast as Mio Minato, the mother of the heroic Minato brothers in Ultraman R/B. This is her first role in a drama in 1o years. Manabe stated she is delighted to have gotten the role as she is a fan of the Ultraman series, and said that she hopes to show the focus of a strong, motivated character who can balance being both a mother and a scientist.

A fair part of the story in Ultraman R/B has revolved around the whereabouts of her character, as she has been missing since the Minato brothers were still very young. Mio had been previously researching the Ultra Crystals with the devious Makoto Aizen until her mysterious disappearance, leaving her husband Ushio to look after their three children, Katsumi (Ultraman Rosso), Isami (Ultraman Blu), and Asahi.

Her character will make her on-screen debut in November.



Source: Yahoo Japan News

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