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Tokusatsu Gagaga J-Drama Series Announced


Tokusatsu Gagaga J-Drama Series Announced

NHK will premiere the series based on the life of a tokusatsu otaku in January.

The series is based on the manga Tokusatsu Gagaga, a comedy manga by Tanba Niwa. Tokusatsu Gagaga series follows Kano Nakamura, an office lady played by Fuka Koshiba, who is secretly a tokusatsu otaku, a toku-ota. She lives her life by the code of tokusatsu heroes and often envisions herself as one as a means to make it through her daily struggles.

Other cast members include Haruka Kinami, Takafumi Honda, Rena Takeda (Kamen Rider Amazons), Mikoto Uchiyama, and Kana Kurashina.

Tokusatsu Gagaga will premiere January 18th, 2019 at 10 PM on NHK.

Source: Eiga Natalie

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