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Yasuyuki Maekawa, Shoichi Isurugi’s Actor and JAE Release Statements Following Daichi Nobe’s Death


Yasuyuki Maekawa, Shoichi Isurugi’s Actor and JAE Release Statements Following Daichi Nobe’s Death

The Japan Action Enterprises Agency and Kamen Rider Build actor Yasuyuki Maekawa gave statements on the passing of action member Daichi Nobe.

Daichi Nobe died on June 14th following a training exercise, jumping 15 meters from a five story building. He landed on the air pad but staggered off and fell unconscious afterward. Nobe was affiliated with the Japan Action Enterprises (JAE) agency. He suit acted for the Engine Bros character in Kamen Rider Build.

JAE’s website reported that Nobe was rushed to the ICU in an unconscious state following the accident before passing away at 5:40 AM. The website has been down for various periods of time due to traffic but they commented that they were reviewing the situation and taking further steps towards safety to ensure an accident like this does not happen again. A short statement was released:

“He was an irreplaceable member (of the agency) as an actor and stuntman. We are praying from the bottom of our hearts for him. We are sincerely thankful for everyone’s kindness and deeply apologize to our fans for the concern and trouble this incident has caused.”

His co-star, Yasuyuki Maekawa, who portrays Soichi Isurugi and Evolt in Kamen Rider Build released a statement via his blog:

“Daichi Nobe, who I worked together with on Kamen Rider Build, suddenly passed away today at the young age of 21. I’ve lost a precious friend who I worked with on the same show. We’ve lost a young talent who had just begun to run towards his dream. It is a true shame. I have absolutely no words when I think about his family’s sorrow. Nobe poured all his love into Build and we’ll aspire towards part of that dream, we’ll pour our heart and soul into Kamen Rider Build until the very end, that is our mission.”

Source: Oricon

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