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Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger Interview Report


Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger Interview Report

Team TokuNet translated the recent TV Asahi interview with the cast of the upcoming Super Sentai series, Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger talking about their feelings and aspirations with regard to the new, upcoming series. 

Actor, Itou Asahi, who portrays Lupin Red/Kairi Yano, stated, “as Kaitou Sentai, we are giving prior notice to everyone that we will be stealing the hearts of children and audiences.” Yuuki Kousei, who portrays Patoren #1/Keeichiro Asaka, replied, “Feel free to steal their hearts. But we will catch you (the Kaitou Sentai).”

Asahi went on to say that, “this is the first [Super Sentai] Red to be born in the year 2000. I want to work hard in order to make it a great beginning as a series. This is the first Sentai that features two teams, so please watch to find out how our rivalry unfolds and how we go about defeating our mutual foe the Gangler.”

TV Asahi asked also asked how he felt about being cast in the series. He stated, “I was happy to know that I would be able to portray the heroes I look up to but I never thought that I would be portraying the red hero.” He revealed that “the story is about two red heroes and how they work together and lead moving forward.”

In association with the “Lupin Collection,” he was asked what about a “treasure he will never give up.” He went on to talk about his Shih Tzu he adores, named Kuu-Chan. During filming, he was looking at a photo and muttered “cute!” loud enough for everyone to hear him. He was waiting for someone to ask him about it because he wanted to show a photo of Kuu.

When asked about the “treasure he wants most,” Asahi said that since he’s a student he “wants instantaneous memorization ability in order to memorize his script.”

Shougo Hama, who portrays the coolheaded Lupin Blue/Tooma Yoimachi, opened saying that he is “looking forward to in a week, so he can concentrate on making the series the unbearably best series.” He went on to say that “I went to the audition feeling like he should quit if he didn’t make it.” He apparently went to enjoy sushi with his manager on the way home from the audition after being casted as Lupin Blue.

Being the only actor in his 20s among the team, he admitted to feeling muscle aches when he performs action scenes. He walks stiff like a robot the following day. He’s doing his best to play his role, while taking care of his body.

Hama stated that the treasure he will never hand over is his voice. The only thing he ever gets complemented on is his voice no matter where he goes. The treasure he wants to obtain the most is a “body that doesn’t need to sleep.” He went on to say that he loves sleeping, so he has restless eyes. Without sleeping, he’ll be able to do everything he wants to do as well as watch all the dramas and movies he wants.

Haruka Kudou, who portrays Lupin Yellow/Umika Hayami, graduated from idol group, Morning Musume in December of last year. This will be her acting debut and hopes that this series will be loved by everyone. She told her her senior, Erina Mano, who portrayed Nadeshiko from the Kamen Rider Fourze movies, that she loves Super Sentai and would love to be one someday. Mano told her that “in five years you can.” She thought there was some kind of mysterious force behind it, believing that “this isn’t just a coincidence, it’s a role only I can do, and I vow to be confident and do my best.”

Regarding the action scenes, Kudou has confidence because she’s been dancing for years. She further commented that, “whenever I decided to do something in one take, Itou, who takes a lot of time made a frustrating face.”

When asked about a treasure that she will never give up, she said, “this might sound like something an honor student would say, but this series. I’m so happy that this is my debut series. It’s a life’s treasure and will always be mine.” When asked about a treasure she wants, she said that unlike Lupin the Third, there’s no Lupin like Fujiko. So she wants “sex appeal.”

Kousei Yuuki, who portrays the hot blooded and earnest Pato #1/Keiichiro Asaka, also admits that he watched Super Sentai as a child and that it gave him lots of energy and courage. He added that he “wants to do the same for the children today.” When asked about his being cast, he thought that he was fired as he was called to the office for an unscheduled meeting and was given a lot of documents. As he felt relieved of the news, he felt a sense of responsibility “being a hero.”

Although the Patorangers are the rival team, he said that the cast gets along well and that “we often play a drawing game on our cell phones during breaks.” He revealed that Itou is the worst drawer and Yokoyama has a lot of self-confidence, but isn’t self-conscious about it.

The treasure that he will never give up is his “family.” He added “the reason why I can continue to work in this field is because of the support from my family. I want to work hard in order to be able to show a radiating figure.”

Ryou Yokoyama, who portrays the bright and obedient Pato #2/Sakuya Hikawa, said that he will do his best to portray his “character’s charm and become an easy to get along with hero.” When asked about hearing of his being cast, he said, “alongside being able to be a hero, I realize that I have to become a proper hero myself. I’m excited to show children what justice is as part of the Keisatsu Sentai.”

He went on to talk about being hit on the cheek by Okuyama, who potrays Tsukasa, he told her, “you can hit me harder if you want. Then I got decked really hard,” he admitted.  She replied, “it’s because we work so hard that I can act diligently.”

When asked about a treasure he will never give up, he said “my work” and continued “it’s because the roles I’ve played are one’s that only I have worked on, it’s a treasure I keep within.” The treasure he wants to obtain is “to be able to talk to people in this world.”

Kazusa Okuyama, who potrays the frank Pato #3/Tsukasa Myoujin, said that she wants to “become a heroine who is loved by everyone and is thought of as cool.”

Okuyama feels that it’s fate that she’s part of the Keisatsu Sentai. She added, “my father is a policeman, and I felt that she would want to become one. After I grew up, I’m so happy to say that both my wish to become an actress AND policewoman was granted.” She also mentioned how happy she is that she can ask her own father for advice whenever it comes to things she doesn’t understand when it comes to being a cop.

The treasure Okuyama doesn’t want to give up is the illustration her parents gave her as a present. She mentioned that “it gives me strength whenever I look at it.” A treasure that she wants to obtain is “the ultimate level of motor reflexes” because she “wants to keep up with the other five who makes things look easy.”

Youichi Nukusuzu, who portrays the mysterious butler Kogure, said, “I’ve always loved mysteries and secrets, now I get to play a mysterious butler full of them. I’m doing my best to become a face on Sunday mornings.”

“I’m happy just being able to be someone surrounded by heroes, although I couldn’t be one myself as a kid. I used to be obsessed with Kamen Rider, then when Himitsu Sentai Gorenger begain airing,  I couldn’t believe there were as much as five heroes in one show. When I used to play around being heroes, I always aimed to become Aka Ranger or Ao Ranger, but in the end, I became Ki Ranger. If I were to be the Red Ranger, I could take the center, but I like green, you can do so much with the many personalities and what you wanted to be. For this series, if I were one of the six, I’m fine being this color, and I hope to become one that is looked up to.”

A treasure Nukusuzu would love to have is “youth” and that he “never knows how long he’ll be able to keep his hair.”

Source: TV-Asahi

Long time Tokusatsu fan.

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1 Comment

  1. Paolo1350

    January 17, 2018 at 11:59 pm

    It’s so cool to read about their different treasures. But it’s so heart warming to read Youichi Nukusuzu being a fan of Gorenger! Literally the beginning and he’s now a part of it.

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