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Next Time on Kamen Rider Build: Episode 20


Next Time on Kamen Rider Build: Episode 20

Build and his team have a tough fight against Grease and his crew with the assistance of a forbidden item in the next episode of Kamen Rider Build, Demon’s Trigger.

Episode 20: The Devil’s Trigger

Written by Shogo Muto
Directed by Satoshi Morota
Action Directed by Takeshi Miyazaki (Japan Action Enterprise)
Special Effects Directed by Hiroshi Butsuda (Tokusatsu Kenkyuujo)


Katsuragi (Yukiaki Kiyama) had created the forbidden item known as the Hazard Trigger. If this is inserted into the Build Driver, one could possess even more strength than they already have. However, continuing its use could make the user lose their sense of self!

Isurugi’s (Yasuyuki Maekawa) explanation of this confuses Sento (Atsuhiro Inukai), but what is Isurugi’s objective in deliberately showing Sento this forbidden item?

Grease and the Three Crows all possess bottles after raiding the Clean Center. Sento and Ryuga (Eiji Akaso) rush to the scene. Sento advises to Ryuga, “Don’t transform, it’s dangerous.” Build and Cross-Z Charge transform to fight against Grease and his team.

However, just as the fight between Cross-Z Charge and Grease is heating up, Build cries out, “Banjo, stop!”, though he doesn’t hear him. What happens if Cross-Z Charge doesn’t stop? Will Build use the forbidden item, the Hazard Trigger?


Sources: TV Asahi, Toei

Writer, editor, translator. Kaylyn is known as MarzGurl around the Internet as a video producer and a critic of fiction media, producing content not only for The Tokusatsu Network but also for Screenwave Media.

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