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VIDEO: Kyuranger Episode of Stinger Talk Show Event


VIDEO: Kyuranger Episode of Stinger Talk Show Event


Episode of Stinger Public Screening(1)

The cast of Kyuranger appeared on stage at Nissho Hall after the first public screening of the Episode of Stinger V-Cinema movie.

Recently, the cast of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger recently appeared on stage at Nissho Hall to promote the Episode of Stinger V-Cinema after the first public filming of said film.

Note: Click the “CC” button for English subtitles.

Episode of Stinger‘s plot is described as follows:

While conducting a liberation mission on Planet Sleeby of the Norma constellation, Stinger and Champ are attacked by Jark Matter and fall into a valley where they remember a common unforgettable past.

The story follows Stinger and Champ searching for Scorpio when they encounter a town whose inhabitants are being attacked by a mysterious woman. Stinger and Champ accept the task to deal with her, but Stinger realizes the words she uttered resembled her brothers’, making him hold back, “I seek power… That alone.”

The woman’s name is Mika Rettsu. One of her arms is grotesque and consequently making the town’s people persecute her, leaving her with a desire for revenge. Mika wishes to become a member of Jark Matter, reminding Stinger of his own brother even more, so he begins to want to save her from a sorrowful isolation.

The movie is set to go on sale on October 25th, 2017, coming out on both DVD for ¥4,500 and Blu-Ray for ¥5,500, as well as Ikkakuju Kyutama sets for both data storage formats (¥5,500 & ¥6,500 respectively), which includes the Ikkakuju Kyutama.

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