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Tatsunoko Infini-T Force CG Anime Unveils New Character Visuals and Announces World Premiere at Anime Expo


Tatsunoko Infini-T Force CG Anime Unveils New Character Visuals and Announces World Premiere at Anime Expo

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Ken the Eagle

 Tatsunoko’s Infini-T Force CG Anime reveals new character designs and announces a July 1st world premiere at the Los Angeles’ Anime Expo convention.

The previously announced Infini-T Force CG anime set for October has recently unveiled new character visuals for the main four cast members in both their hero and civilian identity. Additionally, a world premiere for the anime has been announced for July 1st at Los Angeles’ Anime Expo convention. Furthermore, director, Kiyotaka Suzuki and voice actor, Tomokazu Seki are set to appear at the event.

Tomokazu Seki (Gatack Zecter in Kamen Rider Kabuto, Transformation Cellphone Mobilates in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger) is set to voice Ken Washio/Ken the Eagle/Gatchaman 1 (G1) from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.

Ken the Eagle

Tomokazu Seki as Gatchaman (G-1)/Ken Washio

Joining Tomokazu Seki is Kenichi Suzumura (Ryutaros/Kamen Rider Den-O Gun Form in Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider X in Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Great Shocker) as Takeshi Yoroi/Hurricane Polymar from Hurricane Polymar.

Hurricane Polymar

Kenichi Suzumura as Polymar/Takeshi Yoroi


Also joining them is Takahiro Sakurai (Orb Ring in Ultraman Orb, Jealousto in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger) as George/Jōji Minami/Tekkaman from Tekkaman: The Space Knight.

 Kenichi Suzumura as Polymar/Takeshi Yoroi

Kenichi Suzumura as Tekkaman/Takeshi Yoroi

Rounding up the lead roles is Sōma Saitō (Tatsumi in Akame ga Kill!, Tokusa in D-Grayman Hallow) as Tetsuya Azuma/Casshan from Casshan.

 Sōma Saitō as Casshan/Tetsuya Azuma

Sōma Saitō as Casshan/Tetsuya Azuma

More information about the Tatsunoko Infini-T Force CG anime can be read here.

Source: Anime News Network, Mantan Web, Anime! Anime!

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