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Where Are They Now?: Variety Show


Where Are They Now?: Variety Show

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Welcome to Where Are They Now? an article series that’s dedicated to me finding people and stuff, I guess. This time I’m working on a super tight deadline, so buckle in. 


This statue of the original Kamen Rider, I assume, is still in the same place. Statues don’t tend to move that much. Google says it is somewhere in the Tokyo prefecture, so I guess that’s where it is today.

The Kamen Rider Statue would later go on to star in Battle Royale.

The Qurray

The quarry that has at least one fight per show in it is still going strong. Fights still happen in the quarry. It’s still somewhere in Japan, probably the Tokyo Prefecture. Some newer seasons of stuff use a quarry in New Zealand. Funnily enough, New Zealand banned quarries on television until recently despite so many shows being filmed in Kiwi quarries.

The quarry would later go on to star in Battle Royale.


Godzilla is best known for his appearances in the movies that bear his name. When he isn’t currently filming, he’s hanging out in Atlantis, I guess. He lives in the ocean– Atlantis is in the ocean. Doesn’t take a scientist to figure out where he might be. Although he could be somewhere in the Tokyo Prefecture of Japan too, I guess.

Godzilla would later go on to star in Battle Royale


Oomori Hill is best known for being in a lot of toku stuff.

It is currently still there.

Being a hill.

In the Tokyo Prefecture of Japan.

I would assume somewhere called Oomori.

Oomori Hill would later go on to star in Battle Royale.


Fuuto-kun, the star of Kamen Rider W fell on hard times after the series ended. Turns out being a mascot for a town that doesn’t really exist was not a smart career choice for him. We assume he is somewhere in the Tokyo Prefecture of Japan.

Fuuto-kun later went on to star in Battle Royale.


We don’t know where Kamen Rider Gill’s suit from Kamen Rider Agito is, but if you find it please give it a loving home so that it can live out its last days in peace and comfort.

If you see this suit please call the Tokusatsu Network at 555-5555.

An Englishman in America who enjoys Japanese pop culture.

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