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Comics Corner: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13


Comics Corner: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13


The TokuNet Comics Corner reviews Billy and Tommy’s further adventures in the alternate universe in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13.

Our heroes have been in a pretty dire predicament for the last few issues of Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Billy and Tommy are stranded in a universe where Tommy never broke free from Rita Repulsa’s control and went on to become the evil tyrant Lord Drakkon. Meanwhile, the Rangers back home still don’t have their own powers and have to rely on what little Tommy gave them before disappearing.

MMPR was already special for giving us new versions of fan-favorite characters, and now it’s showing new-new versions thanks to the alternate universe. Aisha Campbell shows up as a member of the “Coinless,” resistance fighters waging war against Lord Drakkon. She and Mirror-Trini have trouble trusting the newcomers, since the last time they saw Tommy he was trying to kill them; and the last time they saw their Billy, he was dead.

Alternate universe stories are always fun provided they start with the right “what-if,” and Higgins and Prasetya have built a strong scenario by casting everyone’s favorite childhood hero into the ultimate villain. Another strength of the series shows in the imaginative ways the Rangers manipulate their powers. We’ve already seen Tommy and Kimberly share their own powers, and Lord Drakkon was able to outfit an entire army (designed by cover artist Jamal Campbell) with ranger powers after stealing the original power coins, which hints at pretty big potential for future stories.

It’s hard to believe Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been running for over a year now. The series is in a strong place right now, and there’s still plenty room to grow from here. A “Crisis of Infinite Rangers” might even be somewhere down the line. For now, I can’t wait to see how our heroes get out of this one.

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