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Tsuburaya Streaming Original Ultra Fight


Tsuburaya Streaming Original Ultra Fight

Ultra Fight

Tsuburaya is uploading episodes of the original Ultra Fight to celebrate Ultra Seven’s fiftieth anniversary.

Back in 1970, the Ultra Series only consisted of three shows: Ultra QUltraman, and Ultra Seven. Interest in the franchise was still high after the end of Ultra Seven, which began in 1967. To meet the demand, Tsuburaya started Ultra Fight, a series of shorts that used a mixture of recycled footage and new material starring Ultra Seven as he battled various Ultra kaiju. The series was narrated by sports announcer Jiro Yamada to give it a big fight feel.

Since 2017 is star Ultra Seven’s fiftieth anniversary, Tsuburaya is uploading episodes of Ultra Fight to their YouTube channel now that their broadcast of Triple Fighter is over. To replicate the unpredicability of the original broadcast, they are airing the episodes out of order so viewers won’t know what to expect the next day. You can watch episode 102, “Seven, Die!” below.

The Ultra Series would return to form with 1971’s The Return of Ultraman, but the Ultra Fight idea would continue with Ultra Super FightUltra Zero Fight, and Ultra Fight Victory.

The latest Ultra Fight, Ultra Fight Orb, is currently airing after episodes of Ultraman Zero The Chronicle, which also gets uploaded to Tsuburaya’s YouTube channel every week.

Source: Tsuburaya Prod. Official Channel

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