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Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy Of Light’s Cast Filled With Tokusatsu Actors And Actresses

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Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy Of Light’s Cast Filled With Tokusatsu Actors And Actresses


Tokusatsu actors and actresses make up the cast of Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light

Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light is a miniseries that was released on April 16th on MBS and April 18th on TBS. Thanks to the help of Netflix the mini-series will be released globally later this year. The show’s opening theme titled “the other end of the globe” will be performed by the rock band Glay, confirmed via their official website. The ending theme titled “KZKAI” is being performed by the group Silent Siren. Lastly the insert song of the show titled “Jacaranda no Hana no Yō ni” will be performed by the singer Meg.

Based on an online blog mirroring real life events, Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light is about a 60 year old father and his son bonding within the game while both of them hold on to a secret unbeknownst to the other.

The cast is composed of an all star cast of tokusatsu actors and actresses. Portraying the son Mitsuko Inaba is Yudai Chiba of Goseiger, known for being Alata/Gosei Red. The father Kotaro Inaba is portrayed by Ren Oosugi, who played the prime minister in Shin Godzilla. Hatsunori Hasegawa, who was both Ultraman 80 and his human form Takeshi Yamato is playing the character named Hajime Ono. Fumika Baba, who portrayed the Roidmude Medic in Kamen Rider Drive is cast as Yoko Masada. Yoshihiko Hakamada who appeared in Zebraman plays Takahiro Hakamada in the show. From Final Fantasy XIV‘s very own voice cast, Yoshino Nanjo offers her voice talent for Yudai Chiba’s in game alter ego Maidy. Minako Kotobuki  who offered her voice for the role of Naria in Zyuohger plays Aru-chan. Aoi Yuki, who portrayed Yurusen in Kamen Rider Ghost is Kirin-chan. Rounding out the cast is Mako Ishino otherwise known as Cignian Swan Shiratori/Deka Swan in Dekaranger plays the mother Kimiko Inaba.

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