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ULTRAMAN Final Season Trailer and New Cast Members Revealed


ULTRAMAN Final Season Trailer and New Cast Members Revealed

A trailer for the final season of Netflix’s ULTRAMAN anime has been released alongside the reveal of two new cast members.

Based on Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi’s currently ongoing manga, the Netflix-distributed ULTRAMAN anime adaptation comes to a close in 2023 with its third and final season. On February 3rd, fans were treated to the release of a new trailer, and also the reveal of two new cast members. The trailer can be viewed below.

While Earth has regained peace since season two’s battle with the Dark Star, with the arrival of all new threats, a new battle begins over Shinjiro’s ULTRAMAN Factor. The new trailer teases new characters reminiscent of those seen in the Showa era productions. Included in this trailer were the appearances of the aliens Valcure and Mephisto.

Joining the cast of ULTRAMAN, Valcure is played by MAO; based on the Valky aliens that first appeared in Ultraman Taro. MAO has previously appeared in the Ultraman franchise as the voice of Marlulu in Ultraman Trigger. She was also Gokai Yellow in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Speaking about her role in this new season, MAO had this to say:

I’m MAO and I was chosen to play the role of Valcure. Valcure is captivating, and yet I also feel she is a little endearing, too. I’m happy to be able to play such an interesting character! Keep an eye out on how she impacts the story of this series, and of course to her unique combat style in the action scenes. Please look forward to it!!

In addition to MAO, Koji Ishii – who has voiced multiple antagonists in the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai series – will be playing Mephisto. A new take on one of Ultraman‘s most iconic antagonists: Alien Mefilas. On the role, Ishii commented:

To think that I would act in the iconic Ultraman series! As a fan of the science-fiction series Ultraman since it first aired, there is no honor greater than this. I wish I could boast about it to my younger self. This modern anime ULTRAMAN feels more real in its portrayal than the original years ago. I implore you to watch and see for yourself how much we have captured the original sense of fear you experienced as a child.

The Final Season of ULTRAMAN is set to release worldwide through Netflix in Spring 2023. Both the first and second seasons are currently available on Netflix.

Source: Tsuburaya Productions

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