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Daewon Media Announces “Winspector Brave” Sequel Movie for Fall on Amazon Prime


Daewon Media Announces “Winspector Brave” Sequel Movie for Fall on Amazon Prime


Inspired by the recent successes of Kamen Rider Amazons and Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Daewon Media has announced new Amazon Prime streaming only reboot series based on historically popular tokusatsu shows.

Promoted by the great success of the recent S.H. Figuarts line and the enduring international popularity of the series, the first in the Amazon Prime lineup will be none other than Winspector Brave.

In the near future, criminals use sophisticated technology to commit crimes that endanger the public. The Korean Ministry of Public Safety and Security reviews international plans and discovers Japan’s Winspector, Solbrain, and Exceedraft projects. The Minster commissions an ultra high-tech branch of the police force to defend against high intensity threats. Man Ujeol (만우절) leads the team, using hard light technology to generate a cybernetic power armor suit to protect him in the harshest rescues. Supported by engineer and medic Gajja Neu Seu (가짜 뉴스) and a transforming garbage truck robot who literally eats garbage to power his engines named DumpsterBrave, the trio protect South Korea from criminals that would bring chaos to the peace of Southeast Asia.

Masaru Yamashita makes an appearance as Police Commissioner Ryoma Kagawa, along with Hiroshi Yamauchi as Japanese Ambassador to South Korea Shunsuke Masaki. It is yet unknown whether Ryoma will make an appearance in his Fire suit, or whether the casts of Solbrain or Exceedraft will make an appearance.

To reflect the older fanbase that the show is aiming for, instead of advertising action figures, Winspector Brave will aggressively push shampoo products.

I saw Kamen Rider Super-1 as a child and have been fascinated by tokusatsu ever since. Learned to read Japanese from Sailor Moon tankobon, and became a magical girl fan. Studied and lived in Japan, and am now working on my Ph.D (but unfortunately, it's not related to giant robots, spandex fightin' men, or magical girls).



  1. Sam

    April 2, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    is this real or an April fools joke?

  2. Alistair Schneider

    April 3, 2017 at 10:10 am

    And why does he look EXACTLY like Sazer Tarious from Gransazer? Hmmm…

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