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Ultraman Orb Movie Enters Box Office at 7th Place


Ultraman Orb Movie Enters Box Office at 7th Place


The latest movie in the Ultraman film series has premiered in Japan.

Ultraman Orb: Lend Me the Power of Your Bonds!, which acts as a follow up to the 2016 Ultraman series, Ultraman Orb, premiered in Japan on Saturday. The film finished the weekend at 7th at the Japanese box office. In comparison to recent years, the Ultraman Orb movie ranked higher than the Ultraman X and Ultraman Ginga S movies, both of which premiered at 10th place at the box office.

The story is described as:

One day, a mysterious device is sent to the Something Search People. That device is Ultraman X’s transformation item: the X Devizer. Because of an enemy trap, the rescinded Ultraman X, who has a Unite with Xio member Daichi Ozora, sets out in search of him alongside the SSP and Gai Kurenai, who has returned from a journey. However, that’s only just the beginning of the danger lurking.

The Dark Ring, that can amplify the monster’s abilities, surrounds the monster with the most purest of evil hearts. Murunau, the Space Witch Thief who loves beauty and turning beautiful things into gem stones, has her hands on the Ring. Murunau transforms Ginga and Victory into gem stones, and with Earth as a target, tries to turn the Earth itself into one of her treasures. On the other side, the schemer Jugglus Juggler has another hidden agenda. The one leading Murunau’s Evil Alien Army is X, who has been turned into a treasure of Murunau.

Can Ultraman Orb protect the new generation heroes and defeat Murunau? His fiery heart that believes in his friends brings forth a new “power of bonds.” The greatest battle for the future of Earth begins!

Source: Eiga

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