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Kyuranger’s Takumi Kizu Gives Insight on his Leading Role as Shishi Red


Kyuranger’s Takumi Kizu Gives Insight on his Leading Role as Shishi Red


In a recent interview with The Tv, Kizu describes the audition process, his relationship with the cast, and his love of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider.

Lucky’s actor Takumi Kizu recently described his experience in auditioning for his part in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger in an interview with The TV on Saturday.  Kizu says that he received the news with his mother, and that while the waiting process made him nervous, when he learned he’d gotten the part of a sentai hero, he “became so happy and couldn’t stop talking about it.”  

Kizu admits that he has been nervous throughout the filming of Kyuranger, especially in the first three episodes.  He has nervous habits that he performs when he’s not directly on camera, such as “my hand shifts, I jump, I pose, and do a lot of moving.”

In regards to his relationship with the other cast members, Kizu says, “many of us male members were together since the audition selections,” so there was time for them to bond quickly before Kyuranger started production.  Additionally, the male cast members and staff stayed together for a week in a dorm house getting to know one another before the first day of filming.  He refers to the other actors playing human roles in Kyurangers as people who “really feel like my family.”

As a child, Kizu says he always watched both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai all the way through high school.  He was most attached to Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, which aired while he was in the 6th grade.  “Shinkenger would transform with a calligraphy motif, and since I was learning calligraphy myself at the time I was very conscious of it.”  Kazu made a habit of ignoring his teacher’s calligraphy assignments to instead write the characters he prominently saw on screen in Shinkenger during their transformation sequences.

After Kyuranger, Takumi Kizu is hoping to perform in more cool roles with manly action sequences.  His 20th birthday is April 13th, and Kizu is looking forward to no longer being considered a minor.  He’s also hoping for a birthday surprise, even though he doesn’t believe himself to be very good at showing emotion when he’s surprised.  Describing his inability to react to surprises, “even though I love haunted houses my facial expressions and movements don’t change,” Kizu says, “and my reactions are slow.”

Nevertheless, Kizu is excited to play an important role in tokusatsu history.  “I’ll do my best with this work anyway, and I think I want to leave something big behind in the history of sentai and tokusatsu during Kyuranger!”

Source: The TV

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