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Kyuranger Cast Describes their Recent Obsessions


Kyuranger Cast Describes their Recent Obsessions


In the first of a two-part interview with MonoMax, the five human characters in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger were recently interviewed about some of their most recent personal obsessions.

MonoMax interviewed actors Tetsuji Sakakibara (Spada / Kajiki Yellow), Sakurako Okubo (Hammy / Chameleon Green), Yosuke Kishi (Stinger / Sasori Orange), Takumi Kizu (Lucky / Shishi Red), and Taiki Yamazaki (Naga Ray / Hebitsukai Silver) about the things they’ve most recently become passionate enough about to spend their money on.

Kizu describes himself as being a big fan of video games.  While he can’t count how many games he’s collected, he cites that he has gathered numerous titles across multiple systems such as the Nintendo DS, PSP, Wii, Wii U, PS4, PS3, and PS2.  Of all of the games to have been released within the last year, he states, “I got the most into the PS4 shooting game Rainbow Six.”

Kishi says that he likes making improvements to the recording booth inside his house, as well as being passionate about fashion.  He spends a significant amount of money on T-shirts, saving 10,000 yen every month, and then every three months making a visit to a Maison Kitsune store to buy a shirt.

Yamazaki has recently started purchasing electrical appliances.  However, he is embarrassed to say that he does not have a Blu Ray player or video recorder.  Because of this, he hasn’t been able to very easily keep up with watching episodes of Kyuranger. “I don’t watch a lot of TV,” he says. “But I want to watch Kyuranger. I’m in it.”

Sakakibara has started thinking practically about his purchases, especially the kind of clothes he now buys.  This includes thinking about the best, most comfortable brands of T-Shirts.  “Between Hanes, Uniqlo, and unbranded fabrics, the unbranded fabrics feel the best on my skin,” Sakakibara tells MonoMax.  He also has started buying reliable outerwear clothes that he no longer has to replace but once every five years.

Okubo is teased by the rest of the cast as being a total girl as she describes how much she loves chocolate.  She keeps a box full of chocolate at home and says, “I panic if there’s ever not any chocolate in it.”  Aside from that, she also collects a lot of lipstick that she thinks is pretty or cute, but only ever uses about three of them.  However, the rest of the cast gifted her with some lipstick as a college graduation present that she now wears whenever she’s in the recording booth working on ADR for Kyuranger.

Source: MonoMax

Writer, editor, translator. Kaylyn is known as MarzGurl around the Internet as a video producer and a critic of fiction media, producing content not only for The Tokusatsu Network but also for Screenwave Media.

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