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Kamen Rider Poppy’s Future Appearance in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Teased


Kamen Rider Poppy’s Future Appearance in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Teased


Photos of the upcoming Rider as well as information about her transformation and episode appearance in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid have been released.

In an article from animate Times, new photos of Kamen Rider Poppy have been released along with a brief interview with actress Ruka Matsuda.  Matsuda plays the role of nurse Asuna Karino whose true identity is that of bugster Poppy Pipopapo from the game DoReMiFa Beat.  The character of Poppy will become an antagonist as Kamen Rider Poppy in episode 26 of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid airing on Sunday, April 9th.

Matsuda describes her learning that she would become a Kamen Rider as a “dream come true,” stating that she believed that Pallad would be the one to become a Kamen Rider.  She pictured a Kamen Rider as being a cool, masculine character, but thinks that even girls can admire a Kamen Rider.

Matsuda’s transformation pose was largely created by action director Takeshi Miyazaki with minor additions made by Matsuda herself.  She received additional help and support from her fellow co-stars Hiroki Iijima (Emu / Ex-Aid), Toshiki Seto (Hiiro / Brave), and Ukyou Matsumoto (Taiga / Snipe) to perfect her transformation pose.


Poppy will be using the new gashat “Tokimeki Crisis” in the Buggle Driver II, the upgraded version of the original Buggle Driver used by Kamen Rider Genm to become Zombie Gamer Level X.  The article states that this is the first time in Kamen Rider history that a female will be given an exclusive transformation device to become a Kamen Rider.  This is contrary to earlier information given about the Buggle Driver II stating that the upcoming character Kamen Rider Chronos will also use the same Driver.


Source: animate Times

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