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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Collaborates with Famista


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Collaborates with Famista

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid will collaborate with classic Bandai Namco game, Famista in the Kamen Rider Genm YouTube miniseries with a new Rider Gashat. 

At the 30th Anniversary event for the Family Stadium series, abbreviated Famista, it was announced that the classic game would collaborate with the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid series with a Rider Gashat based off the game, the Famista Gashat. The Rider Gashats are the game software-like transformation items of the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid series; the Famista Gashat will appear in the 2nd episode of the Kamen Rider Gemn YouTube series, “Legend Gamer Stage”. The deluxe toy version(DX) of the Famista Gashat will release in March.

Family Stadium is a baseball video game series that began in 1986 with Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium. The game was developed by Namco and released on the Famicom/Family Computer/Nintendo Entertainment System video game console. The name “Famista” is a play on words to the Famicom console.

Episode 2 of the Kamen Rider Genm series, “Legend Gamer Stage”, is set to release February 14, 2017 on the Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Channel and will feature, not only Famista, but other Rider Gashats based on real games, such as the Pac Adventure Gashat.

Source: My Navi News Toei


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