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Fumika Shimizu to Play Touka in Tokyo Ghoul Film


Fumika Shimizu to Play Touka in Tokyo Ghoul Film

Kamen Rider Fourze actress, Fumika Shimizu, will portray Touka Kirishima in live action Tokyo Ghoul film.

Fumika Shimizu, known for her role as Yuki Jojima of the Kamen Rider Fourze series, will portray Touka Kirishima in the upcoming live action Tokyo Ghoul film. Shimizu’s other notable role is Aiko Himeno of the live action Hentai Kamen films. A photo ban has been lifted giving a look at Fumika Shimiza in character as Touka.

Touka is a female high-school student working a part-time job at the coffee shop “Anteiku”. Her appearance is a human’s form, but the truth is she’s a human-eating monster called a Ghoul. She gets close to a college student named Ken Kaneki (portrayed by Masataka Kubota) who has become a half-ghoul.

Fumika Shimizu commented on the role,

This will be my first short haircut in twelve years, since the fourth grade in elementary school. Before when my long hair was a hit, I was overwhelmed. But, since I have been given the chance to play Touka Kirishima in the movie Tokyo Ghoul, I think I can’t stop cutting it, keeping it right at 30 centimeters. I like it because I can raise the bath water more quickly. This hairstyle is optimal for action practice. Wish me well for Tokyo Ghoul!

The Tokyo Ghoul film was announced back in June 2016 and set to release Summer 2017. The costumes were designed by Christian Dada’s Masanori Morikawa and the film is directed by Kentarō Hagiwara.

Source: Official Tokyo Ghoul Website

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