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#GoRedOne: International Fans Share Their Support for Bioman’s Ryosuke Sakamoto

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#GoRedOne: International Fans Share Their Support for Bioman’s Ryosuke Sakamoto


International fans send supportive messages via social media to Bioman Red One actor, Ryosuke Sakamoto, in light of his recent battle with cancer.

As reported at the end of August, Bioman actor, Ryosuke Sakamoto, announced his recent cancer diagnosis during Akamatsuri (Red Festival)In response, and with permission from fellow Bioman actor, Michiko Makino, Team TokuNet announced the #GoRedOne social media campaign to gather messages of support from the tokusatsu fan community.

At the time of this post, we’ve gathered around 300 tweets, over 30 Instagram posts, and over 500 comments on our Facebook post, which also reached nearly 300,000 people and shared nearly 2,000 times.

Team TokuNet is currently gathering your best messages to translate and send to Ms. Makino to convey to Mr. Sakamoto. We have also gathered your messages here to the best of our ability. If we missed any, please link us to your messages in the comment section of this post.

We sincerely thank everyone who participated and continue to send their thoughts and support to Mr. Sakamoto and his family on and offline.

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  1. Adam

    September 12, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Here’s mine. Didn’t see it included. Thank you!

  2. Paula Gaetos

    September 14, 2016 at 10:00 am

    From Twitter User: @jeanyvesvidal: ✨?阪本さん?✨
    I would like to bring you my full support in your battle against the disease.
    I’m a huge✨? 超電子バイオマン ?✨fan since I was 12.
    Today I am 40 and I’m still fond of your work. I love it. I have a lot of respect and admiration for you, you are my childhood’ greatest hero! You were my model, I dreamt to be ✨? 郷 史朗 /レッドワン ✨? !!!
    ✨? 超電子バイオマン ?✨is my favorite TV sentai show. You share with me every adventure with the biomen and I never missed an episode.
    You have made dream millions of children around the world.
    I discover ✨? 超電子バイオマン?✨ when I was 12 years!! absolute favorite!!!!???
    ✨?阪本さん?✨ You are in my heart since I was a child and 29 later nothing changed, you still in my heart, always!
    I met you at Paris Manga 2015 and it was the best day of my life and I never forget that moment,
    never forget when you took me into your arm at the photo shooting it’s a wonderful moment,
    remains in my memories for ever.
    I’m very affected by your condition and I think about you ✨?阪本さん ?✨ I wish you courage and
    determination to fight that battle.
    You are ✨? 郷 史朗 /レッドワン ?✨ a great combatant, an unfailing determination to fight that disease and you will win!
    The victory is yours ✨?阪本さん?✨
    ✨?郷 史朗/レッドワン ?✨is unbeatable!
    ✨? 超電子バイオマン ?✨marked my childhood and my life
    ✨? 超電子バイオマン?✨ in my heart, always ????
    ✨? 阪本さん ?✨ You are there in my every thought. Sincerely yours @jeanyvesvidal:

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