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UPDATED: Team TokuNet Starting Ultraman Orb Saturday Livetweet

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UPDATED: Team TokuNet Starting Ultraman Orb Saturday Livetweet



Join us for our new Ultraman Orb livetweet every Saturday.

We here at the Tokusatsu Network are very excited for the latest entry in the Ultra SeriesUltraman Orb. So excited, in fact, that we thought we’d do something special this year.

Fans know by now that Ultraman Orb is the latest show to join Crunchyroll’s Summer simulcast lineup, with episodes going live Friday nights at 7pm PT for Crunchyroll members everywhere save Asia.

So, Team TokuNet will be livetweeting with you the day after the episode goes live.

UPDATED: You can join us, as we all hit “play” at 6:00pm EST/ 3:00pm PST and discuss the show as we go along.

We’ll be tweeting from our official Twitter account: @TheTokuNet and using the hashtag #UltraOrbLive to keep up with the conversation. We’d like to have as many of you watching with us as possible.

Crunchyroll has expressed on numerous occasions that the more people watch their catalog of Ultra titles, the more tokusatsu shows they’ll buy down the line. We’d all like that to happen, and the livetweet is one step towards getting more eyes on Ultraman and tokusatsu in general.

We’re excited about this event, and we hope you’ll help us make it big by spreading the word.

Remember, to join us again for the livetweet every Saturday at 12:00pm EST / 9:00am PST and use the hashtag: #UltraOrbLive.

See you there!

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