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Godzilla: All Art Attack 2 Tribute Exhibit by Creature Features


Godzilla: All Art Attack 2 Tribute Exhibit by Creature Features


Creature Features, a film and pop culture memorabilia shop located in Burbank, CA, honors the Japanese film release of Shin Godzilla with an art tribute aptly named, “Godzilla: All Art Attack 2”. 

With an opening reception partnered with the Monster Party podcast, “Godzilla: All Art Attack 2” is the second of Creature Features’ Godzilla and kaiju related art tribute shows. The first All Art Attack shows debuted in 2014 during the release of the Godzilla film produced by Legendary Films. As noted on the opening reception’s Facebook page:

Godzilla resurges onto the big screen in Japan this summer and Creature Features pays tribute with GODZILLA: ALL ART ATTACK! 2, a multi-media gallery exhibit showcasing works from artists in the fields of film, television, fine art, comics, children’s book illustration, and more!

GOJIRA debuted in Japan in 1954, and has endured through the decades in many iterations. GODZILLA: ALL ART ATTACK! 2 celebrates the King of the Monsters’ latest incarnation in GODZILLA: RESURGENCE.

The show will take place in our permanent gallery at Creature Features in Burbank. While the Big G himself is the focus of the show, in display will be all his kaiju cousins, from Gamera, Ultraman, and beyond.

Artists featured in the show includes noted artist, Eric October, whose love for all things tokusatsu and kaiju can also be found in one of Creature Features’ many memorabilia displays.



In operation since 1977, owner Taylor White started Creature Features “as an answer to the merchandising demands of Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Since then, it has operated as retail boutique, event space for signings, cast reunions, and art tribute shows; and a comprehensive general resource for film, television, and pop culture memorabilia.


Creature Features is currently located on Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank, CA. “Godzilla: All Art Attack 2” exhibit will be displayed until August 28, 2016.

Source: Creature Features

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