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Arm Pillow Hitoyasumi Cushion Series Alien Baltan Arm Revealed


Arm Pillow Hitoyasumi Cushion Series Alien Baltan Arm Revealed


Premium Bandai showed off napping arm pillows featuring the arms of Alien Baltan from Ultraman.

Premium Bandai released a series titled Arm Pillow Hitoyasumi Cushion Series that, as the name suggests, is a series of pillows that slide onto your arm that make your quick nap at your desk just a little bit more comfortable.

While the line also features arm pillows from Gundam and Kinnikuman, fans of the world of tokusatsu should make note of the third entry into the line, the arms of Alien Baltan.

Alien Baltan is one of the most recognizable kaiju from the original Ultraman series, and continues to get used and referenced to this day. His arms feature pincer like designs with the arm pillow actually being able to open and close.

The pillow itself is roughly 460mm long. Unfortunately the listing is only for one singular pillow, so fans will have to buy two to complete the look.

Preorders for Alien Baltan arm pillow are currently live and will conclude on September 26th, 2016.

Ace Suit will retail for ¥4,320 before fees and shipping and will release in November, 2016.

Source: Premium Bandai

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