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Kenji Ohba Demos Space Sheriff Gavan Replica Laser Blade


Kenji Ohba Demos Space Sheriff Gavan Replica Laser Blade


Original Gavan actor, Kenji Ohba, demonstrates replica sword from the 1982 Space Sheriff series.

Iconic actor and stuntman, Kenji Ohba, known for his titular role of Space Sheriff Gavan, appeared in a YouTube video announcing the upcoming Tamashii Lab release of a replica prop of Gavan’s signature weapon, the Laser Blade.

The replica sword, which is crafted in 1:1 scale, features a sensor in the blade which can detect the movement of the wielder’s hand along it, allowing users to recreate Gavan’s iconic scene in which he slides his hand along the blade to power it up with Birdnium Energy. Twenty LED lights along the blade illuminate as a hand moves along the blade, causing it to glow bright blue.

Included is a display stand, featuring Gavan’s hands rendered as digital wireframes, and they can be used to mount the blade.

The hilt of the replica also features a “BGM button” which can play the music always heard when Gavan is about to deliver the final blow to a Makuu Beast, as well as the fanfare music. Quick presses of the button create Gavan’s battle shouts, as well as the sounds of blows being landed and parried.

“It feels heavier than the one we used during filming,” comments Ohba in the video, no doubt due to the fact that the hilt is die-cast metal.

Space Sheriff Gavan ran from 1982-1983 and told the story of Retsu Ichijouji, codenamed Space Sheriff Gavan, an Earthling member of the Galactic Federation Police, who defends near-future Earth from inter-dimensional threats.

The Laser Blade replica is scheduled for a January 28, 2017 release on Premium Bandai, and will retail for ¥16,200.

Source: Bandai Official Youtube Channel

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