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This Week in Toku Toys [4/24 – 4/30]


This Week in Toku Toys [4/24 – 4/30]

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This Week in Toku Toys, Kamen Rider Deep Specter receives a boost of power with the Deepslasher.

Bandai Retail

Even after the release of Kamen Rider Deep Specter’s Deep Specter Ghost Eyecon and Rider Hero Series vinyl figure, some key elements of this all-new form were still missing. Wait no longer as this week marks the release of Kamen Rider Deep Specter into the Ghost Change Series! GC12 is an all-new body mold styled after the new suit, with its own new Parka Ghost. It features the same fold down hood seen in Kamen Rider Ghost Toucon Boost Damashii’s release. The figure includes the Deepslasher accessory in both modes, and is compatible with all previous Parka Ghosts in the toy line. GC12 retails for ¥3,780.

Speaking of the Deepslasher, the DX toy launches this week as well. As a repaint of Toucon Boost’s Sunglasseslasher, the toy features many of the same functions, being able to house two Ghost Eyecons to activate the Omega Giri attack, while inserting the Deep Specter Ghost Eyecon in the second slot will activate the Mega Omega Giri attack. The toy is able to transform between Sword Mode and Gun Mode. The sword/gun combo will retail for ¥5,616.

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As the Legend Rider Eyecon mini-series on Toei’s YouTube channel sets to wrap up, Bandai is releasing a collection of the mini-episodes on DVD. Packed with the disk is the Kamen Rider 45 Ghost Eyecon, a new Eyecon featured in the series. It has the ability to cycle through two different functions as it is the first Ghost Eyecon to have pins on both the top and bottom of the toy. One side activates the Heisei Rider Damashii that makes the toy glow red, while the other side activates the Rider #1 Damashii that makes the toy glow green. The set will retail for ¥3,780.

Finally, while not really a “new” toy, Bandai is compiling Zyuoh King, Zyuoh Wild, Cube Kirin, and Cube Mogura all together in one DX Wild Zyuoh King Set. The compiled set features nothing new and nothing exclusive, it is simply a special set for those late to the Zyuoh Cube game. The giant combo robo retails as an “open” priced item, meaning stores will set their own price for the toy.

Source and Image Source: Bandai Boys’ Toy Page

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